About Us

The Water Protection Network works to ensure that America’s water policies and projects are environmentally and economically sound.

To achieve our vision of water resource planning that utilizes natural and economically sustainable methods and protects and restores our rivers, coasts, and wetlands for people and wildlife, WPN works to:

Improve federal laws and policies

WPN works to improve, defend, and implement federal environmental laws and policies critical to improving water resources planning. We focus on the Water Resources Development Act, Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, National Flood Insurance Program, and Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act.

Advance nature-based solutions

WPN works to promote the wide-scale use of natural and nature-based water resources solutions. We focus on improving project planning, increasing use of restoration and flood easements in lieu of structural projects, educating decision makers about the value of natural infrastructure, and advancing legislative reforms.

Restore damaged natural systems

WPN works to restore rivers, coasts and wetlands damaged by federal water resources infrastructure constructed by the Corps of Engineers. We focus on modernizing river and water control management plans, eliminating unnecessary dredging, and removing outdated federal lock and dam infrastructure.

Enhance WPN member advocacy

WPN works to enhance member advocacy efforts by providing project and policy guidance, resources, and networking. We provide expertise and outreach assistance on priority projects, educate members of Congress and the Administration, maintain a resource-heavy website, and conduct webinars and annual meetings.


Steering Committee

Melissa Samet
National Wildlife Federation, Co-Chair
San Anselmo, CA

Eileen Shader
American Rivers, Co-Chair

New Cumberland, PA

Chris Dalbom
Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy
New Orleans, LA

Olivia Dorothy
American Rivers & Nicollet Island Coalition

Rock Island, IL

Steve Ellis
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Washington, DC

Dan Tonsmeire
Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Apalachicola, FL

Prairie Rivers Network
Champaign, IL

Natural Resources Defense Council