Water Protection Network Webinars

The Water Protection Network is re-starting our webinar and discussion series to help keep our members connected and informed on topics relevant to water resources projects and policies. Below is an archive of some past webinars. WPN members, please click here to email Ilana with your questions and suggested topics and speakers for future webinars!

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) Webinar & Discussion
Presented and facilitated by Jessie Ritter and Melissa Samet (National Wildlife Federation), Olivia Dorothy (American Rivers), and Ilana Rubin (Water Protection Network)
November 16, 2021

Infrastructure & Reconciliation Webinar
Presented by Eileen Shader and Matt Young (American Rivers) and Joshua Sewell (Taxpayers for Common Sense), and facilitated by Ilana Rubin (Water Protection Network)
September 21, 2021

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA 2016) Webinar (click below for presentation slides)
Presented by Melissa Samet (National Wildlife Federation), Eileen Shader (American Rivers), and Rob Moore (Natural Resources Defense Council)
June 9, 2016

Federal Flood Risks Management Standards Webinar
Presented by Joel Scata (Natural Resources Defense Council)
October 18, 2016

From Authorization to Decommission: The Lifespan of an Army Corps Project
Presented by Michael Hensley (The Nature Conservancy), Eileen Shader (American Rivers), and Mitch Reid (Alabama Rivers Alliance)
December 12, 2016